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Environmental Sensor

Environmental Sensor

Build and installation instructions at:

  • NodeMCU ESP8266, CPU/WLAN (
  • SDS011 Fine dust sensor (aliexpress)
  • DHT22 – temperature & humidity; or BME280 – temperature, humidity & pressure (aliexpress)
  • USB cable e.g.: flat 2m Micro-USB (

User: [email protected]
Pass: V*****

Create sensor in After following Luftdaten’s instructions for the initial build and setup of the sensor, add the senseBox ID and the Influx database name, user and password.

<img src="" alt="Luftdaten1" border=0 width=300></img> <img src="" alt="Luftdaten2" border=0 width=300></img>


<img src=”” alt=”OpenSenseMap” border=0 width=800></img>
User: [email protected]
Pass: V*****

Create sensor. Type: senseBox Model Feinstaubsensor (SDS011) mit BME280. Get the “senseBox ID” number.

senseBox Name RFM100
Exposure outdoor
senseBox ID

Particulate matter sensor
ID: 3974707
MAC: 2C:F4:32:3C:A6:33
Firmware version: NRZ-2020-129 (Jan 7 2020 13:42:11)

Sensors & IDs
PM10 (µg/m³) – SDS 011 5e63a385bdf5ae001b0b3aff
PM2.5 (µg/m³) – SDS 011 5e63a385bdf5ae001b0b3afe
Temperatur (°C) – BME280 5e63a385bdf5ae001b0b3afd
rel. Luftfeuchte (%) – BME280 5e63a385bdf5ae001b0b3afc
Luftdruck (Pa) – BME280 5e63a385bdf5ae001b0b3afb


##Influxdb db: luftdaten usr: luftdaten pwd: V*****

<img src=”” alt=”Influx” border=0 width=800></img>

Install Influxdb. Create user with privileges.
Login with user and password. Create database. There is no need to specify data structure – the sensor will do that when sending the data over to the database.

influx -username luftdaten -password V*********
create database rfm100

View data populating the database:

influx -username luftdaten -password V*********
> USE rfm100
> SELECT * from "feinstaub"



usr: admin
pwd: V*****